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Pet Groomers In Rossington, Bawtry & Tickhill.

At Bows and Bones Pet Grooming, we provide a range of dog grooming and cat grooming services in Rossington, Tickhill, and Bawtry. As well as bathing your pet, we offer grooming, trimming, and nail cutting, helping them to look and feel fantastic. We use a range of high-quality products to clean and pamper your pet.

Bows and Bones provide a mobile service, visiting your home to provide professional pet grooming services at a time that’s convenient for you. Grooming your pet at home isn’t just convenient for you – it’s also much less stressful for them. There’s no noisy shop environment, and they will receive one on one attention. We treat all animals with care and kindness, keeping them calm and relaxed whilst they’re being groomed.

Pet Grooming at great prices and we come to you!

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Let get your pets nail trimmed and looking FAB. Cats & Dogs we do it all.

Dog Bathing in Rossington BATHING

Bathing your dog or cat can be fun and they will be nice & clean & smell great!


Is your pet’s coat in desperate need of a good groom? We can make him or her look great.


In desperate need of a haircut? No problem we can make your pet look fabulous.

Mobile Pet Grooming Service

A clean pet is a happy pet

Regular pet grooming is important for dogs and cats of all ages, doing so much more than improving their appearance. A clean pet is a happy pet, with bathing, grooming, trimming, and nail cutting helping them to stay healthy and feel more comfortable. A pet that’s free from discomfort and feels great is more likely to behave well too.

Grooming your pet can reduce their risk of skin, ear, eye, teeth, and nail infections, keeping them free from disease. Other benefits include increased sociability for your pet as they come more used to being handled, making vet checks so much easier and less stressful.

At Bows and Bones, we are fully trained in providing pet grooming services in Rossington, Tickhill, and Bawtry. We’ve gained all the skills we need to groom, preen, and pamper your pet to perfection. With a fantastic reputation in the local area, we’re well-known for our professional and reliable services and competitive prices.

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Jessica-Amy came to bathe our puggle and also clip her claws which I hate doing just in case I hurt her. She was really relaxed with Willow and offered her a treat or two to settle her. I loved the way that she spent the time to get to know Willow first and build trust! Highly recommended and I would use her again. Soeli
We were looking for someone to was, groom and “try to clip” truffles nails. She is known for being a grumpy dog, however, Jessica-Amy was FAB and managed to do it all with no problems. She doesn’t rush like the other dog groomers that we have had in the past. I will be using her again on a regular basis now. Sue
Jessica-Amy came to give our cat “Neo” his first pampering session. She was very careful with him and bonded quick quickly with him. She managed to bath, clip and trimmed him with no problems at all. Not too expensive either, good value for money! Jake